Building the Ultimate Game Room for All Gamers

Creating the ultimate game room is no joke. Whether you’re a serious gamer or just trying to unite your friends and family with a little friendly competition, here are some game room ideas that will take your space to the next level.


The Ultimate Board Game Room

If you’re going for a classic game night, consider leaving the television out of the room. Make a large table the center of the room. This can be a regular table or one you can use while sitting on the floor—just consider who might be coming over for games and how easily they’ll be able to sit on the floor.


The Ultimate Video Game Room

If you have no interest in playing board games and you’re more focused on creating a video game room, make the television your focus. Do you plan on having multiple consoles? Having two of the same system with double screens can be a fun way to play video games with friends. If you go the multi-route, be sure to find a television stand that can hold both TVs and all of your gaming consoles.


The Ultimate Overall Game Room

If you need a room to handle both board and video games, then you have the ultimate game room in mind. Be sure to select a room that can handle the fun and select furniture to maximize opportunities to play. Consider choosing a main table that’s close to the ground so people can sit around it on the floor. Leave enough space to add a couch on one side of the room, with the tv opposite of it.


For seating options, you can use floor cushions that double as foot rests on the table while you’re playing video games. Or if you’ll be inviting people over who might not like the floor option, cushy ottomans that can double up as footstools or drink holders when you have a coaster are smart, too.



The Ultimate Game Room Décor

Once you’ve decided on the type of game room you want to create, it’s time to decide on some décor. Here are a few game room décor ideas to get you started.


1. Pick a Theme

Pick your favorite game as inspiration and find game room décor to match. There are a couple of ways to approach this. You can find used games with missing pieces and use them as game room decor—like coasters made out of cut up pieces of a gaming board. Or you can shop online. You’d be surprised how many accessories you can find with gaming themes.


2. Light it Up

Another game room idea is to add lighting. Neon lights, rope lights, and under cabinet lights are all a great place to start. You can work the lights into your themed game room décor, or simply use them as funky accents. They make tons of neon signs, lamps, and fixtures that will make for the perfect, lit up game room décor.


3. Add a playful element

Incorporate play elements into your game room décor to make it a more playful space. Some game room ideas might include a slide, an indoor swing, or a mini-climbing wall.


4. Creative organization

While trying to keep track of all of these game room ideas, it’s important to make sure your space is organized too. Make sure you have shelves for your board games or consoles. To keep it fun, add other storage elements too, like treasure chests or funky wall hooks.


5. Charging station

If you’ve settled on a video game room, it’s smart to have charging stations for your controllers and a dedicated space for remotes. It’s not the most fun game room idea, but it will help make that you’re always ready for fun.


6. Drawing wall

Another game room idea to keep your space creative is to dedicate one wall to drawing. You can use chalk paint or dry erase paint. This way, you can play games like hangman or charades and always keep up with the score. It’s also just more fun when you can draw on the wall.


7. Cocktail corner

For a more adult game room, you can set up a mini dry bar. Keep things like an ice bucket and cocktail glasses nearby so you can make drinks while staying in on the action.


8. Classic arcade games

If you’re willing to make an investment, you can always go with game room décor that you can play. This could take the form of something like a full-sized Pac Man or pinball machine. For a more simple game room idea, consider darts.


9. Use a projector

For the ultimate big screen, set up a projector in your game room. With a projector, your entire wall could be used as play space.


10. Movie friendly

If your family is big on movie night, mix some of your game room ideas with a movies theme. Game rooms could be a great space to watch movies with company over. To level it up, consider adding something like a popcorn machine.


There are a ton of other ways to build an awesome game room, but hopefully these game room ideas are enough to get you started. If you’re working with new home builders, consider your layout options upfront. This way, you’ll have everything you need laid out to build the ultimate game room.


Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 7.28.2021

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